A Unique Halloween Gift with witches, wizards and magic!

Are you looking for something a bit different for Halloween? How about a unique gift – a tale of Witches, Wizards and magical lands? If that sounds like something you or your children would be interested in during this terrible UK weather then it’s available here in the UK or here in America. The blurb is as follows:

“At thirteen years old Tom and Emily Man had long since given up believing their Grandfathers stories of the magical land of Amaranth. If you were to ask them if they believed in witches, wizards and friendly trolls they’d both say “no”. They definitely wouldn’t believe in the most terrible and horrifying of all demons, even if he was mentioned in ancient manuscripts in their own world. And if you were to then throw kidnapping, stolen paintings, bloody battles and even a spot of big green romance into the mix and tell them they’d be involved in it all, they’d begin to think you an idiot, and Emily might even tell you as much.

Ironically, as thirteen was the age of magical maturity, it was when they’d finally get to visit Amaranth – but they didn’t believe. Luckily, getting to Amaranth involves being flung over the edge of a very high and very steep waterfall and believing has absolutely nothing to do with it. You can’t help but believe when you’re there. When you see it for yourself you believe everything.

Amaranth is a 75,000 word story of adventure, mystery and friendship. It describes how events in this world have reverberations in another, and addresses the emotions and feelings that children experience wherever they may be. Primarily a young adult novel it is aimed at anyone else who doesn’t believe…”

Hire or rent your book out

Have you thought about hiring or renting your book out? A friend of mine is launching a website hiring out basically anything so I thought why not include self published books? It works in an auction style like eBay but basically you pay £2.50 for year – your listing renews every seven days free of charge 52 times. After all, not everyone has a kindle so I charge £1.50 a week and send a stamped addressed envelope with it.

Oh, and included in the £2.50 annual fee is a blog post about your book and a Facebook entry so I considered it worth £2.50 for a year long advert, particularly as there aren’t many items on there yet but I happen to know a lot of advertising will be going on in the next few weeks.

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Guaranteed sales of your self published book

Too good to be true right? Well, maybe it is; www.bookparade.co.uk are offering a service whereby they buy your book subject to certain criteria (must be available in Kindle format from Amazon and less than £2.00) and subsequently provide a review. Starting at £7.50 for one book sale rising to £49.99 for ten you are obviously covering the cost of the purchase, however it is guaranteed that you make a sale and considerably cheaper than many marketing campaigns that result in total sales of zero. There are other plus points as well – the reviews are by other authors so ‘should’ be well written and they’re objective. This may of course result in you paying for a sale that results in a low star review but even these are supposedly written in a constructive and positive manner. The fact that the books are purchased raise your Amazon rankings and it also means that any reviews will also show a ‘purchased on Amazon’ tagline.

Reviews and sales are what it’s all about on Amazon, both help you rise through the rankings and reviews are searchable on Google meaning there’s more chance of you being found with certain key words for each review you get. So does it result in more sales other than what’s been paid for? Why not give it a go and let me know?

Amaranth – A Tale of Magical lands, witches and Wizards book giveaway.

Three signed copies up for grabs from Goodreads!

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Amaranth by John  Kellett


by John Kellett

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Amaranth – A Tale of Magical Lands, Wizards and Adventure – Now available at Waterstones

After a visit to my local Waterstones in Bath many months ago they offered me the chance to do a book signing at their store one weekend. Of course I readily accepted, however they were unable to purchase the book through their normal suppliers as it was published by CreateSpace (Amazon) in America. Not being a publisher myself it initially proved quite difficult to get my book onto their supplier list. After a conversation with Gardeners in January this year I filled in a couple of forms and promptly forgot about it. I checked this morning as I have many times before and there it was!
Now to arrange the book signing.

A couple of 100 Word Storie’s – by John Kellett.

I’ve written a couple of 100 word stories for a competition over the last couple of days. The only criteria being they had to be fictional stories and 100 words or less (not including the title). I don’t know if they’re any good or not and I can only enter one. I’ve put them both below, please let me know which one you prefer or if you hate them both:)

The Selfish Man

When I left those years ago I knew she’d be devastated. I saw her today, old now, walking the riverbank as we used to, pushing our disabled son – hurt still in her eyes. I called out, but she couldn’t hear me. I waved, but she didn’t see.

What are you thinking reading these words? That I’m writing from beyond the grave. You’d be wrong. I took a job abroad and haven’t thought of them since. I’m rich now, own fast cars and have a pretty, young girlfriend. Everything I’ve always wanted…until today.

by John Kellett: Author of Amaranth – A Tale of Magical Lands, Wizards and Adventure. Available here.


I never believed in magic until that day. How could one not believe after an experience like that? When I saw her the first time I was in awe. I was sure she wouldn’t even acknowledge me, let alone stop and talk. As she approached I felt my cheeks flush and my heart rate double. She walked with confidence and people around her stopped to experience her beauty themselves.

She got nearer still and my knees began to weaken. What would I say? Then, from nowhere a big fat wizard appeared and turned me into a goat. I believe in magic now.

by John Kellett: Author of Amaranth – A Tale of Magical Lands, Wizards and Adventure. Available here.

Facebook Page for Amaranth now available

There is a Facebook page now available dedicated to ‘Amaranth – A Tale of magical Lands, Wizards and Adventure.’ Please feel free to ‘like’it if you enjoyed it or let me know if you have any comments, questions or would like to start a discussion. All are very much appreciated and helps me get the word out there. You can find the page here.

Discount on Young Adult Novel for Christmas

What with me being lovely and everything I have decided to offer a discount code for my book to readers of this blog. It’s available on this site for Kindle, Sony Readers, Nooks, Apple, Palm or other devices and if you put in the code ‘UR36D’ (without quotes) you will get for a mere $1.49 https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/218228 . For those not aware it’s a young adult novel with witches, wizards, magical lands and all that sort of nonsense.